Thursday, 12 July 2012

Gakuen Babysitters NEW Chapter ^_^

Yay! Gakuen Babysitters is out! Read it now guyz ^_^


Eh? Who is this cute girl?

Haha. So funny looking at Kotarou. Just laugh if u want to laugh Ryuuichi ^_^

Don't miss it minna!!! ^_^

Gakuen Babysitters Chapter 18 ^_^

Yay! Gakuen Babysitters Chapter 18 is out with  more exciting scenes!!!

Looks like the kids are excited to join the skiing activities ^_^ 
yup, the mountain is so beautiful, right guys *_*

Watch out Kotarou!
Oh, I said it a little too late ^^" Poor Kotarou

Haha. Its Yamahisa again ^^"

Eh? Who is it behind Ryuuichi?

Eh? Eh? Eh? Kotarou has a twin? Eeeeh?

Want to know the real story? Read it now guyz ^_^



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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Gakuen Babysitters NEW Chapter ^_^

Yes! Finally! The new chapter of Gakuen Babysitters is out.
How I miss Kotarou and Ryuiichi so much. And of course, the babies; mecha kawaii ^_^
Like other chapters before, this new chapter (chapter 17) is really funny and heart warming.
There are two new guys from the advanced class. Hope they will appear more in the later chapters. One of them, Yamahisa Tomoya wanted to join the babysitting club. Whats his motive?

Wah! What is he trying to do to Kotarou? Danger! Danger!

 Haha! This part is really funny. Getting a nosebleed? ^_^  dont worry Yamahisa-kun. If I'm in ur place, seeing a cute baby like Kotarou, I may get a nosebleed too *_*

Wah! So sweet ^_^

What are you waiting guyz? Go and read the new chapter of Gakuen Babysitters now!!!