Monday, 18 July 2011

Grand Slam -comento-

Hi minna. How are u guyz 2day? Genki?
So, what do u guyz think bout the Grand Slam song? Like it? FYI, Yuki Kaida is the seiyuu/voice of the character Fuji Syusuke.
Wow, Fuji is so cool in this song ^^

In the early episodes, we know Fuji as someone who never shows 100% of his ability and skills in any games he plays. He likes to play according to the opponents' ability and the cool part is, he still wins greatly. In one episode, Chitose from Shitenhoji said to Shiraishi that, even though Tezuka is a top player, Fuji is more terrifying and needs to be careful with because, unlike Tezuka who puts 100% efforts in the game, for Fuji, we will never know what his true power is; there's always something more up his sleeves. In short, he is someone who can't be predicted. In other episode, Fuji himself said that, for him, tennis is just a plaything. He never put himself to be serious with the games and he is not someone who greatly yearn for victory.

However, this change when Fuji faces his first defeat to Tezuka. That is the first time that Fuji yearn for winning so much. From then onwards, we, audience, are introduced to the new part of Fuji Syusuke; someone who yearn for championship and never wanted to face defeat again. In order to prepare himself for the national tournament where the opponents will be much more stronger than before, he trained hard to improve himself and upgrade his skills.

This song tells about Fuji's struggle to the top, to achieve his dreams and goals. Ganbatte Fuji ^^

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